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No Deposit Bonus!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Making Money From Your Blog

If you have a poker blog with even a few visitors popping in everyday you could be making a little bit of extra cash to subsidise your poker playing, even to make a career if you wanted to put enough effort in. I have been using Blogger to make money for a few months now and I wanted to show people how easy it is after seeing some really good blogs without any banners on.

Poker sites will pay you for finding them new players. They will pay you up to $100 per player, or you can get a percentage for life from each player you sign up.

These two ways are called CPA ( a one off Payment) or Revenue Share. Opinion is divided as to the best method but I suggest you mix it up with different sites and see which works best.

A poker room knows someone has signed up through you because they give you HTML to put on your blog with special code embedded which tracks players to you. All those Banners you see when you visit poker sites are operated in the same way. Why should they make money from it and not you, especially when it is so simple to sort out.

It takes less then an hour to sort out and at the very worst you can get money for Poker for free as many rooms will pay you direct into your player account.

You can also get paid direct into your neteller account. Neteller is an online banking service. You can get paid by different rooms into this account, and then get a check for the whole amount sent out to you, or even have it put straight into your account.

I have made a list at the bottom of the best Affiliate Programs out there. Check them out and see which ones you want to promote, Sign up ( It's all free) and then start making money.


How To Put Banners On Your Blog

One way to advertise on your blog is by putting Flash Banners on your blog.
How can you do that? you must be wondering, I have no HTML skills at all.

It's a lot easier then you'd think. The Poker Rooms want to make it simple for you to promote their rooms, so people don't get annoyed or disheartened. When you sign up with an affiliate program you will have a User Control Panel. Somewhere in there there will be a section called Marketing Materials, Marketing Tools or simply Banners. In this section there will be a big display of Banners of many different sizes. The Width is shown first, and length second. ( So a 480x60 banner will be very wide and thin, while a 80x640 banner will be long and thin) .

Once you click on a banner there will be a button saying something like 'GENERATE CODE' This will then generate some HTML code with your details included. This will mean that anyone who clicks on the banner will be logged with you. It is important you do not change this at all as it could mean players not being tracked to you.

Now using Copy and Paste, Copy the entire code shown. You now have choices of where to put this code in your blog. If you want you can just put it in an article. Like this banner here.

Make money with Absolute Poker!

To do this I simply switched to EDIT HTML in the Create Post section of Blogger and then Pasted the code in. It has automatically come up like that, and it took me 10 seconds.

If you feel this is too intrusive you can also put the banner in the sidebar.
This is slightly more tricky but easier then you might imagine.

You need to first go to the Template section of your blog. Then look for the section of the HTML for your template that has the sidebar in it. It's about 3/4 of the way down the page. if you can see the section where links go or the archives, then it is best to place the banner after that. If you just copy and paste the HTML code in somewhere around there. When pasted in it should look like the banners in the sidebar on this site. Experiment with different ones until you find one that suits you. Use the preview button as well so you can see what it looks like before you go saving things and screwing thngs up. If you ever change your template you will need to redo your banners as well.


Using Bonus Codes and Links.

As well as placing banners by the side you can also use Bonus codes and links, embedded in your articles. Say , for example you were writing about taking part in a tournament at Absolute. You could highlight the word Absolute and link straight to the site.

Here's an example.
I was playing at Absolute last night. There's some real fish there and I placed in 4 tournaments in a row. The do a great $600 bonus as well if you sign up now.

This is easy to do, and takes about aminute after you have written your article.
First of all, go to the BANNERS or MARKETING TOOLS section of the site you want to promote.
Then Pick any Banner and look at the HTML for it.
Instead of copy and pasting the whole section, you just look for the actual link. It's the bit that says
You want to isolate, and copy and paste, the bit in between the speechmarks. I.E The whole web address. It should begin http:/ and usually ends with loads of numbers. It's importnant to use the bit that begins Href= though and not the other address underneath it. ( That is the link that brings the image up.

Now you go back to your article and highlight the place where you want the link to go. Then using the link key put the link in to the box that comes up. The word or sentence should now be highlighted as a link.

Advertising like this is more subtle and is more likely to have people clicking your links.

Also some sites use Bonus Codes as well as HTML tracking to track your sign-ups. You can pick these yourself and make them relevant to your site, like DAVESBLOG etc. You can then use these in articles about playing on the site, or even give to your friends to use, in offline promoting. For more about off line promoting go here.

You can use Bonus Codes on Poker Room, Party Poker and Full Tilt.


Poker Affiliate Programs

Here is a list of the best Poker Affiliate Programs which you can sign up with for FREE, and then place adverts on your blog and start making money straight away.

Party Poker
Poker Room, Hold'Em Poker and Euro Poker
Absolute Poker
Ultimate Bet/Income Access
Full Tilt

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